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There are distinct advantages to culinary talented individuals who work from a licensed commercial kitchen facility. More counter space, more burners, better grade of equipment, tons of refrigerator/freezer space, food deliveries and so forth. If you have a culinary business and find that the time is right to expand into a commercial facility, this Culinary Business Institute program has done the research for you.

Until now, commercial kitchen operators had to do extensive research and learn a lot through trial-and-error. The information we've assembled comes from actual people who have made the transition to a commercial kitchen, but who did not have the benefit of a comprehensive resource during their journey such as this.

Their expert, experienced input alone is invaluable and truly helps others to not make the same or potentially costly mistakes. We also found that there were bits and pieces of information available, but it took a fair amount of time to research, validate and digest this information. We did this, so that you won't have to.

commercial kitchen system

Personal chefs, caterers and culinary entrepreneurs alike can quickly assemble a plan of action and forge ahead with the knowledge compiled in
one single reference manual. Regardless of if you plan to add a commercial kitchen to your residence (difficult and pricy, but doable), to renting or refurbishing an existing kitchen, or starting from square one and building a custom commercial kitchen, you'll find the information collected here to be essential during your process.

Commercial Kitchen

Take a moment to examine the reference manual table of contents plus
review the contents of the associated data drive.

Now for the always asked, initial questions and concerns.

What will you learn from this program, in simple terms.
You will learn about requirements, standards, licensing, insurance needs, kitchen flow and layout plus hired help or contract labor issues. Because this may be a start-up business, we include detailed business start-up information, proven marketing ideas, pricing strategy options, food packaging and storage information.

How long will it take to complete this program?
This is more of a reference situation, intended for you to fully understand particular elements of the commercial kitchen process. You will cherry pick the information that best suits your situation. Even if this manual only solves two of your questions, $89 is a small price to pay to avoid a potentially costly error.

What if someone just wants to rent a commercial kitchen and use it full or part time?
You will still be involved with more expensive equipment requiring agreements about who is responsible for what, you will need to address required insurance and licensing issues, and you need to determine if what you anticipate doing is properly zoned for.

Operating from a commercial kitchen certainly provides for larger income potential compared to a traditional Personal Chef Service, for example. When your business suggests that a commercial kitchen is the logical next step, let this Culinary Business Institute manual be your partner for success.

Commercial Kitchen

If you're ready to get started . . .

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