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Culinary Business Institute programs provide focused educational training dedicated exclusively to the science of "successful business" in culinary endeavors. Our programs and materials provide clear, real world knowledge and time-tested methods for success by successful culinary professionals from across North America.

Whether you seek the independence as a personal chef, the satisfaction of providing dinner parties and/or in-home culinary instruction, or need to expand your existing culinary business to include a commercial kitchen, the Culinary Business Institute programs are your source for expert knowledge and guidance.

You have the passion and unique ability to create excellent meals.
We have the "critical success" knowledge needed to develop a rewarding and profitable culinary business.

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August 28, 2016

Made In The USA

Not only are our programs "Made In The USA", the entire Personal Chef Service concept originated in the USA. While there were undoubtedly countless situations where people were performing duties like a personal chef throughout the years, the industry did not have a true base or roots until the early 90's. At that point a set of national standards was developed and culinary business training became a focal point, helping guide those who had the flair, passion and creativity to design wonderful meals to understand how to put their talents to use in a structured business environment. Since those early formative days, the industry, once thought of as nothing more than a fad by the ACF, blossomed into a realistic career path for tens of thousands throughout North America. Personal chefs were here to stay. And since those early days, culinary business training has become a science, food trends have been tracked and targeted, and the industry has served more than a million households and situations where meal preparation was previously a true issue. Now 20+ years into a concept, personal chefs operate in many countries, performing the same basic services with a unique twist for their particular location and culinary desires. The USA continues to be the predominate country where Personal Chef Services thrive, but the rest of the world is watching and realizing the direct and tangible benefits afforded through this industry. With a very similar lifestyle and needs, Canadians are very much enjoying these same services, once unique to the USA only - but let there be no doubt, personal chefs are in most developed countries, providing a needed service and helping households across the globe solve the "What's For Dinner" question.

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