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May 29, 2016

Why Does A Personal Chef Use Their Own Pots & Pans

Seems like a lot of extra effort to haul your own pots and pans to each client location for your cook day as a Personal Chef. After all, the client lives in a house, has a kitchen and most likely has pots and pans, plus all the other utensils and towels, etc that you'll need for your service. So why lug your stuff around? The answer is multi part, but the primary reason why a Personal Chef uses their own equipment is because 9 times out of 10 it will be better quality. But the list goes on: what if you expected all this equipment to be handy, clean and available, only to find that you were now short on equipment, meaning your service is now in jeopardy. Or, what if by some chance you damaged an old pot owned by the client - now you're on the hook to replace that old beat-up pot with a new, shiny and more expensive pot. A good Personal Chef will never put themselves in a position where their service depends on someone else. If the client is using reusable containers for example - the Personal Chef anticipates enough clean containers to be waiting. But if you show up and only 10 containers are available, when you need at least 20 - what happens then? Personal Chef's who have clients who use reusable containers will always have extra new containers like those the client has (because as the Personal Chef, you've already instructed the client on exactly what to buy, for proper sealing, heating, etc). You'll simply dig into your stash and leave behind 10 new containers, with a polite note saying that the agreed upon container inventory was not available - and you'll charge the client for those containers. More often than not the client will keep the containers, but in case the client is upset, remove the charge and collect those new containers on your next service.

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