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February 27, 2015

Unique Situation: Firing A Client

The Situation: Friday you worked for the most abusive person you have met in three years of cooking. The man was nasty to his wife; rude to you, and rude to everyone he called on the phone while you were there. You like working with his wife and would love to cook for her as long as he isn't anywhere near you. He told his wife that he doesn't trust you and that one or both of them need to be in the home while you cook. You have never said two words to him and haven't got a clue why he is so uncouth. You feel you need to drop them as clients because you have decided you are not going to work somewhere where you need to watch and listen to a man verbally abuse his spouse or others.
The Question: How do you tactfully tell his wife not to call upon your services anymore?
The above was a situation or encounter as described by a third party. The Culinary Business Institute added a follow-up question for your consideration. Our response to this question is available in the Personal Chef 1-2-3 training program. For now, your exercise is to answer the question or provide a solution to the situation. In some instances you may not have every bit of information - which may affect your decision. If in doubt, plan for a worst-case scenario. Always consider that resources may not be available, time is working against you and that you need to find an answer that benefits all involved plus keeps the client happy. Sometimes there are more than one correct answer or approach.

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