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Culinary Business Institute programs provide focused educational training dedicated exclusively to the science of "successful business" in culinary endeavors. Our programs and materials provide clear, real world knowledge and time-tested methods for success by successful culinary professionals from across North America.

Whether you seek the independence as a personal chef, the satisfaction of providing dinner parties and/or in-home culinary instruction, or need to expand your existing culinary business to include a commercial kitchen, the Culinary Business Institute programs are your source for expert knowledge and guidance.

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May 1, 2016

Teaching Others Your Culinary Skills

Teaching - is not for everyone. A lot of people can "do" but can't explain or "teach" very well, even though they can conduct the task with skill. So don't beat yourself up if you're not a natural teacher. To be a success, first you need to know your subject matter. For a personal chef or someone who provides dinner parties, food preparation and those special little tricks and tips are the secrets behind the curtain. How you make something so effortlessly and with such sparkle is beyond many people. To you, it's second nature. The explosion of cable food channels, food themed magazines and celebrity chefs wouldn't be possible if there was not an eager audience for that topic. People are hungry (no pun intended) to learn more about food preparation - at all levels. Not everyone wants or has a desire to learn how to make unpronounceable French pastries, but they might be interested in how to use a variety of spices they see on the store shelf - but are clueless how they can be a great addition. Literally from soup to nuts and starter to advanced, there are people seeking to advance their kitchen and culinary skills. Don't go overboard and try to make someone a chef in one evening - it won't happen. You're objective is to find an area where people are interested, and which in a matter of a couple hours you can take them though the steps, educate, and have fun along the way. Don't get too serious. People want to learn, but they don't necessarily want to go back to school or expend too much effort. With the proper organization and marketing, you can easily conduct one or more cooking or culinary classes a week, and generate a secondary revenue stream, all with the knowledge you already have. But if you're shy, can't speak in front of others or panic at the thought of explaining yourself, then maybe this is an area to steer clear of.

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