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Personal chef business training is not rocket science. Our mission is to keep all topics as simple and straight forward as possible. We focus on the traditional Personal Chef Service operation.

The name Personal Chef 1-2-3 truly applies for this training program. Follow the easy to grasp, easy to follow, easy to apply steps and
you will soon be operating a profitable Personal Chef Service.

The thrust and focus of this program centers around the proper administration and set-up of a Personal Chef Service. Marketing, pricing, mobile kitchens, client interaction, packaging and advertising are important factors every Personal Chef Service owner/operator should have well in hand. Nobody delivers this information better than the Culinary Business Institute program.

We will cover safe food handling techniques, packaging and freezing techniques plus an overview of culinary arts, however our program is primarily focused on how to set up, administer, market and price your service. You will also learn the client interface required of a successful Personal Chef Service. Remember that cooking is only half the equation. Do not confuse this program with a culinary arts technique program - we are not providing culinary arts instruction, because you already know how to prepare mouth-watering meals.

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Now for the always asked, initial questions and concerns.

What will you learn from this program, in simple terms.
You will learn how to set up your new business, how to manage your finances, how to effectively market your service, how to build an image for your service and secure clients, how to price your service competitively and for profit, how to select and use the proper packaging, how to create and effectively use a mobile kitchen plus how to efficiently interact with clients and potential clients.

How long will it take to complete this program?
40 hours is typical. In real time, 2-4 weeks on average. Some people have completed this program in a week. We always advise that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Going as fast as possible does not always produce excellent results.

How does the economy affect a Personal Chef Service?
A Personal Chef Service is not for every household. In any economic times - good or not so good, many households continue using a private maid service, a pet grooming service, or a yard/pool service. Busy households may not have time (and may not have the ability) to consistently produce a quality dinner hour meal for themselves or family.

The methods, approaches and "how-to" information provided in the Personal Chef Training Program is derived from real-world experience, time proven and tested examples, and broken down into bite sized pieces which anyone with drive, ambition and having a passion for creating wonderful meals can use to assemble their own successful Personal Chef Service.

Use the links below to review the Table Of Contents (TOC) of this training program.

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Myth & Reality:

Myth: You need a formal culinary arts degree or extensive food service background to be a successful personal chef.
Reality: Not true. One half of active, successful personal chefs working today have little or no formal culinary arts training or food service background. They do have an ability to create wonderful meals, and a passion for being in the kitchen creating and cooking.
Myth: Only the super rich have a personal chef.
Reality: Not true. The super rich will employee a private chef. Personal chefs will have clients from all walks of life and social backgrounds with a mix of ages, gender, income levels and education. Household income only relates to one of three primary demographics that would use a Personal Chef Service. For households earning $80,000 - $225,000 annually, a Personal Chef Service is quite viable. The other two primary categories of potential clients have little to do with annual income figures.
Myth: Personal chef and private chef - same thing with different name.
Reality: Not true. The media is consistently in error when they talk about a famous person's personal chef. The reality is that the ultra high end class will employee a private chef. This chef works for the household, is on duty most of the time, serves up freshly made and plated meals and may travel with the client. A personal chef works for themselves, has multiple clients and sets his/her own schedule.
Myth: Personal chefs earn $100,000+.
Reality: Not true. While there are personal chefs earning six figure incomes, they are not in the majority. A full time personal chef should anticipate an annual gross income of $45,000 - $60,000. Not a bad income for doing something you love to do, on your own terms and which is portable without inventory, overhead or employees.
Myth: You can cook at home and deliver your prepared meals.
Reality: Not true. Except in extremely rare circumstances, you will be in violation of several health code laws by preparing any meal or portion of the meal in your home kitchen or a non-licensed kitchen, if that food is provided for-profit (being paid for, regardless of what profit or loss happened). If you are going to donate your meal and not accept any payment, you may cook at home.

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