Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long does it normally take to complete the Personal Chef Training Program?

The Personal Chef Program normally takes 40 hours. A typical completion cycle is 2-4 weeks. You may also want to complete your training by using the optional examination series. There will still be much to do after the examination series, but this is where the training portion of your journey ends.

Why are there optional exams involved with the Personal Chef program?

There are several valid reasons for the examination series. One very
important aspect is marketing yourself and your service. Clients like to know that you have met some sort of industry criteria in order to call yourself a personal chef. Completion of the examination series results in a Personal
Chef Certificate being awarded, which should become part of your portfolio. Also, some professional trade associations require this type of certificate when applying for their membership.

Another reason to complete the examination series is for your own self-assurance that you have a solid understanding of how a successful business is started and operated.

Can a person cook at their home and deliver the meals made?

In virtually every state, city, town, village, (USA and Canada) the answer is no. In order to prepare any portion of the meal at your residence requires you to have your kitchen inspected and licensed as a commercial kitchen. Almost no home will qualify without extensive and expensive modifications, which may actually lower the value of your home.

What insurance is required for a Personal Chef Service?

There is no required level of insurance. In theory you could conduct your service without insurance, but you shouldn't. At a minimum you want a general liability policy with at least one million dollars protection and which provides coverage for both property damage and bodily injury. A typical general liability insurance policy as suggested will cost between $350 and $700 annually, depending on your location. The United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) includes liability insurance with their membership at no additional fee. Please note: we are not affilated with the USPCA, and you should contact that organization directly for specifics.

Can a college use this training program?

Yes. We have a method for culinary schools and higher education facilities to purchase and place the Personal Chef 1-2-3 business training program into their school. College administrators should contact us directly for additional information. Colleges typically offer this program as an elective.

Is financial assistance available?

Not through us, but if you have paperwork to complete for outside financial assistance, we'd be happy to assist.

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