College Elective

Personal Chef Training For College Use

College Elective

The following information is intended for use by college instructors and administrators. If you are a culinary arts student and your school does not provide a Personal Chef Service business program, please invite your instructor(s) to visit this site.

Bright Valley Enterprises proudly makes the Culinary Business Institute Personal Chef 1-2-3 training program available for college course inclusion. Generally taught as an elective, this program is formatted for 36 one hour lessons, however the program is flexible and can be utilized in a variety of time frames. Suggested syllabus will be made available.

College administrators will be allowed to purchase the Personal Chef 1-2-3 training system in quantites of 10 or more per order, at a reduced fee.

College students will have access to our examination series, if purchased separately by the student.

Culinary arts instructors and/or administrators who wish to afford their students with world class small business education focused directly on the Personal Chef Service industry are invited to contact us for additional information, using the link below.

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