Professional Trade Associations

Association Comparison

A handful of professional trade associations exist, offering benefits and networking opportunities to their members. Culinary Business Institute training is not aligned with any particular organization; however we do have industry knowledge about these organizations.

Is association membership right for you?

Our advice is to get involved with an association, at least initially. Benefits, networking and interaction with other working members can be a very positive factor. There are approximately 6,000 working personal chefs in North America as of September 2013. Only a third currently belongs to a professional trade organization, but most have belonged at one time during their business development stage.

Once your business is healthy and you have a good understanding of the industry plus have a couple of years under your belt, the benefits offered through an association may not be as important as they were during your start-up phase. You will find that each association has a contingent of long time members, who continue to find direct benefit from the association and their membership dues.

We have compiled a comparison chart for an easy side-by-side evaluation of associations and their most popular benefits. Not all membership elements are listed; however the primary benefits are included. Potential members are encouraged to contact the association directly to receive a more comprehensive listing of benefits and to see if their organization is a good fit for you and your needs.

Use link below to view the chart.

Association Comparison Chart